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Spike Brings MadWorld to Japan

Platinum Games' debut title will see release in the studio's home territory, but not through Sega.

Stylish violence hits the Wii through Spike rather than Sega.

Something's up with Spike and Sega. It seems that the former likes to release the games that one would have expected to come from the latter.

The PS3 and PSP versions of 428 were the first examples. Sega released the Wii version of those games, but Spike published the ports.

The second example is MadWorld. As revealed at Famitsu.com yesterday, Spike will be publishing the game domestically. Sega did the honors overseas.

MadWorld is the black and white and very, very red game that marked Platinum Games' debut. Sega released the title overseas in March.

The copyright notice at Famitsu.com indicates that Sega still owns the rights to the game.

So why did Sega pass on a Japanese release? Neither the Famitsu.com article, nor the two page spread in this week's Famitsu, shed any light on the matter. I would imagine that the game's Z rating has something to do with it.

Domestic players -- well, those 18-and-up at least -- can look forward to MadWorld this Winter. For those hoping for additions or updates, the Famitsu print story makes no mention of such features, so it's presumable that the Japanese version will mirror its overseas counterpart.

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