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Noby Noby Boy iPhone 60% Complete

Get a first look. Maybe.


Wondering when you'll get to try out Noby Noby Boy on something other than PS3? iPhone was announced as the next target platform for the game, but we've heard little since. Yesterday, Impress Watch provided an update, along with what looks like a screenshot.

In the above image, taken by the developers and sent to Impress Watch, we see Impress Watch's ugly watermark to the lower right, an iPhone in the middle, and... something that looks like Noby Noby Boy's Boy on the iPhone screen.

What exactly is going on in that screen? The Impress Watch story does not say.

The reason Impress Watch posted this story was apparently to report that it had heard, via a message from Noby Noby Boy creator Keita Takahashi himself, that the iPhone version is now 60% complete. The game has passed some form of internal inspection at Namco Bandai, says Takahashi. "We're working so that the release doesn't get 'extended' like the PS3 version" (I think Takahashi is being clever in his quote -- the original Japanese version makes it more apparent).

Hopefully this means we'll get a glimpse at TGS next week.

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