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Would You Like to Play Tetris With a Giant Joystick?

Sega's take on the granddaddy of falling blocks puzzlers has a big twist.


Sega keeps on coming up with arcade game ideas that could never possibly be replicated in the home. At the AOU arcade event earlier this year, it showed off Block People, which requires that players stack up physical blocks against a large screen.

And now, just in time for this week's JAMMA Amusement Machine Show, we get this:

This is Sega's new take on Tetris. Titled Tetris Dekaris, the main attraction of the game is the giant joystick. Sega says that players will have to use their full body to move the blocks around the screen, something that can only be experienced in an arcade.

The name "Dekaris" merges Tetris and "Dekai," which is the Japanese word for "giant." Sega appears to be planning a series of titles with giant controllers, as the cabinet has phrases like "Dekacon," short for "Giant Controller," and "Deka Controller Series," or "Giant Controller Series."

Outside of the giant controller, the game promises competitive and cooperative modes. Text at an information page Sega has set up makes some mention of the game's presentation being like a television program.

Tetris Dekaris will be available in Sega's booth at this year's AM Show, which will be held from the 17th through 19th in Chiba (the first two days are press and guests only). It will be joined by games like Shining Force Cross, Virtua Fighter 5R, and the more traditional Tetris The Grand Master 4.

But those giant joysticks should be the main draw, similar to Block People's blocks at February's AOU event.

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