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Japan Does Not Deserve the Next Zelda Game

In Japanese, the word for bargain is bargain.


Spotted in My Game Flash's latest Akihabara Wagon Sale feature:

That's a whole lot of copies of one of 2007's finest for under ¥1000!

Because it's Zelda, this is much worse than the ¥480 Phantasy Star 0 I found the other day (they had a bunch of copies of that too).

In other news of games that probably didn't meet sales expectations, here's the latest attempt to sell those remaining copies of Monster Hunter 3:

Buy the game and a Wii, and get a ¥3,000 Nintendo Point card. This, of course, is perfect for paying Capcom's hefty monthly online usage fees.

Over in Shinjuku, while waiting in line to play Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, I spotted this:

Animal Crossing: City Folk, complete with the Wii Speak peripheral, for ¥2,000.

I don't think it's going to sell as much as the DS version.

Maybe if that girl in the commercials hadn't been so annoying?

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