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From Shares First 3D Dot Game Heroes Movie

Screenshots no more! Get a first look at next gen last gen in motion, complete with classic RPG English!


From Software has been teasing us for weeks now with screenshots of its marvelous-looking 3D Dot Game Heroes. At long last, we've gotten our first look at the game in motion.

Access the official site for a glimpse at retro done right on the PS3. Or, stream it below:


The movie looks -- well, just like all those screens we've been seeing for the past few weeks, but in motion. It provides an even better feel for the retro taste of the game, though, thanks to the background music, the Zelda-ish play mechanics, and the laughably bad English text.

That text reads:

"Far a long time ago

There was a small country called the Dotnia Kingdom in the world corner.

The kingdom was watched by six sages who protected six Orbs and it which I hid the power of God in,

and the people lived a peaceful life.

However, the peace did not continue for a long time..."

3D Dot Game Heroes hits on November 5.

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