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Pokemon Sells Nearly 1.5 Million in Two Days

Now imagine what would have happened if they'd produced enough copies.


Over a decade later, and Pokemon is still on fire. Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, the latest entries in the series, combined to sell 1,480,980 units in their first week of release, Famitsu.com revealed today, citing data from parent Enterbrain. The games saw a special Saturday release, meaning just two days (9/12 and 9/13) in Enterbrain's weekly tracking period.

Heart Gold and Soul Silver are remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver, which first hit the Game Boy in 1999. In addition to updated visuals, Pokemon Co. has bundled in a special Pokewalker pedometer, which links up with the games in various ways.

Definitely not your Game Boy's Pokemon!
These guys rule on the DS too!
The Pokewalker can transfer data back and forth with the Pokemon cartridge.

A quick walk around Tokyo's crowded Shinjuku and Shibuya areas on Sunday convinced me that both versions of the game were pretty much sold out. Prior to release, a Tsutaya representative said to expect sellouts.

Famitsu did not specify which version of the game sold more. The same Tsutaya rep suggested that Soul Silver would see a boost due to the appearance of Lugia on the package.

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