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End of Eternity Characters are on Twitter

Sega gives tri-Ace RPG a unique promotional push.

The most popular EoE character on Twitter.

I think someone at Sega has been drinking a bit too much of the happy juice of late. Following yesterday's revelation of a photo book that appears to suggest Platinum Games' Bayonetta heroine is real, we get an all new promotion that gives the cast of End of Eternity individual Twitter accounts.

If you feel like following updates from the characters, browse on over to these URLs:

They don't really have much to say at present -- just short one-liners. Not surprisingly, Reanbell -- the only one of the three with boobies -- has the most followers at present.

The Twitter update was just part of Sega's promotional push on the tri-Ace developed RPG today. It was joined by a full renewal for the EoE official site. The changes make the site more readable compared to the previous layout.

Sega also provided some details on the game's Tokyo Game Show showing. Players will be able to sample the game through playable kiosks and also view the latest trailer. The developers will also be on hand for a stage event. Those who sample the game will be given original post cards which contain a Q code for downloading an EoE theme song.

End of Eternity is still set for a Winter 2009 release time frame on both Xbox 360 and PS3.

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