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Marvelous Prez Wants to Support PS3

Publisher of Muramasa Demon Blade and Harvest Mode has been using PS3 slim of late.


Marvelous Entertainment seems to be eyeing PlayStation 3 as a target platform for upcoming games. Company president Haruki Nakayama made a recent blog post indicating that he'd like to bring games to the system in the future.

Nakayama's post begins by noting that he's been making use of the recently released slimline PS3 model. Among his activities are downloading movies, viewing movies and baseball on Yahoo, and viewing Blu-ray discs.

He doesn't mention games in his own uses for the system. But he does mention games when talking about what he'd like to see Marvelous do on the platform. Noting that Marvelous now offers video product such as Beck and Mushishi on Sony's video download store, he said that he'd like to release games for the system in the future.

In closing, Nakayama notes that in the first half of the fiscal year, the game industry, both Japan and overseas, is expected to see a 15 to 20% falloff compared to last year. He says that he's praying for something to cause an explosion leading up to next year.

I'm pretty certain that an HD Muramasa Demon Blade would be able to do just that among some gamers!

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