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Yakuza 4 Cast Grows By Two

Sega taps movie and television actors for new characters.


It's just a week away from a full unveiling at the Tokyo Game Show, but Sega isn't done just yet with the character and voice actor announcements for Yakuza 4. Today, the company shared two additions to the star-filled cast.

Joining the roster are Majyu Ozawa and Kinya Kitaoji. Kitaoji, known for his film work, will play the role of police second in command Seijiro Munakata. Ozawa, known for her drama work and variety show appearances, will play the role of Lily, a mysterious girl who holds the key to a crime.

This is the first time both actors have tried their hands at gaming. Kitaoji described his character as someone who fights his "desires" which, as with everyone, have both good and bad sides. Ozawa said that she'd heard of the Gotoku series before, but because it had the image of being a male-oriented drama series, she was surprised when the offer came for her to do voice work. She said Lily is extremely mysterious from her first appearance, and players will be interested in finding out her past.

Both characters are new to the Yakuza world with part 4. In the past, Sega shared pictures showing the performers for new characters undergoing a digital face scan, as their likeness will appear in the game alongside their voice. For today's update, we were given a look only at Ozawa's face scan. It's not clear if this means Kitaoji will be limited to voice work only.

[UPDATE: 4gamer reports that both actors will see their likeness digitized for the game.]

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