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Square Enix Details PSP Downloads

Crystal Defenders and Thexder Neo on the way for October release.


Sony let slip word last week about Square Enix's first download titles for the PSP. Today, Square Enix at last stepped up with first details on Thexder Neo and Crystal Defenders.

Thexder Neo hits first on October 1, priced at ¥1,000. A remake of the 1985 PC classic, players can look forward to PSP-level visuals along with a new easy mode, additional bosses, and a six player online combat mode in which players attempt to reach the goal fastest.

Crystal Defenders, due for 10/29 release at ¥900, is the latest port of a strategy title that originated on mobile platforms but has since been released on everything from WiiWare to Xbox Live Arcade. The PSP version includes at least 360 stages, with 120 stages pulled from each of the W1, W2 and W3 cell phone versions.

Both games will be on playable display at the Tokyo Game Show next week.

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