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DSi Exclusive Monster Finder Detailed

A Monster Farm-style approach to monster battling in this DSi-only retail release.


Wondering what a DSi-exclusive cartridge game looks like? Alpha-Unit provided the answer today with first screens for Monster Finder, a new RPG that was announced a couple of weeks back as a DSi-exclusive retail release. It also shared first details on the game, which I've summarized below.

Monster Finder is set on Obscura Island, an island so mysterious -- so obscure, if you will -- that it doesn't even appear on maps. The island exists in a different dimension from our world, appearing and disappearing periodically.

While the island is supposed to be deserted, its latest appearances revealed something that shouldn't be there: a city. Special investigation teams have been sent out to investigate why the city is there.

You play as Takeru, a member of one of the investigation teams. Joining him is Yuika, a member, said to be a bit on the obnoxious side, of the same investigation force. Joining the two characters as part of a a different investigation team is Misa, a mysterious girl.

When Alpha-Unit first announced Monster Finder, it said that you'd make use of the DSi's built in camera to catch monsters. Today, it provided clarification. To create a monster, you simply take a picture of something with the DSi camera. Based off the picture, a monster will appear in the game. The game includes over 150 monster types. This sounds curiously like Tecmo's Monster Farm series.

Once a monster has appeared in the game, you can capture it to be added to a deck for use in battle. The game's battle system has player and enemy forces send out three monsters each, with an additional three in reserve. The combat promises strategic options, taking character distance into account.

Alpha-Unit opened a full official site for the game today. The site offers a look at the gameplay flow, characters and monsters. It also lists a player count of two, suggesting that there will be wireless battle options.

This first DSi exclusive cartridge (something that Alfa Unit seems to be keen to promote, given the font sized use at the official site) will arrive in December.

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