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Get Your First Look at NieR RepliCant

Square Enix shares its Tokyo Game Show trailer in advance.


Square Enix seems to be doing everything in its power to keep people from actually visiting its Tokyo Game Show booth. Following an early showing of the Tokyo Game Show trailer for Front Mission Evolved, the company made available today the TGS trailer for NieR Replciant.

You can see it in streaming form here:

The original YouTube version is viewable in HD, so for a better look, view it there.

As revealed earlier this week, NieR RepliCant is the PS3's counterpart to Xbox 360's NieR Gestalt. Both games put players in control of a character named "Nier," although the two characters do appear to be different, with the 360 Nier looking far older than the PS3 version's.

The two versions also have a mix of similarities and differences in their basic premise. Both games have Nier on a quest to find a cure for an illness afflicting a family member. In Gestalt, the family member is Nier's daughter. In RepliCant, it's his younger sister, Yonah.

This week's Famitsu has a closer look at RepliCant, detailing a few additional characters.

Of particular note is the Kaine, a white-haired girl who appears to be in both versions of the game (she was in 360 version screenshots). She serves as a partner character to Nier. In addition to her upper left body being possessed by a demon, she's described as a hermaphrodite. She was bullied as a child for the former, and choses to show off her female side more than needed, which is why her clothing looks the way that it does. Her speech and actions do not match this look, though.


Also in the magazine is Grimoire Weiss, a book that has characteristics of a human. The words written on its pages take form in the real world as spells. After meeting, Nier and the book end up traveling together.

Both versions of NieR are set for 2010 release. The 360 version will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show next week.

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