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Kojima Productions Gets a Blog

Hideo Kojima spills a few details on the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker trailer.

Hideo Kojima is blogging.

Hideo Kojima has a widely read blog, but what about Kojima Productions itself? Today, the Metal Gear studio started up a full corporate blog at Ameba's blog service.

The blog is known as Kojibro, which is short for Kojima and Blog (it's a Japanese thing). Writers include Hideo Kojima and other key members of the Kojima Productions staff.

In the first post, made late last night, Hideo Kojima said that he was in the Foley Room making final checks on the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker trailer that will be shown at TGS.

As a slight preview for the trailer, he said that while the Gamescon trailer was focused on the co-op gameplay part of the game, the TGS trailer will focus on the story. He also assured that for the most part, the trailer is run entirely on PSP hardware. There is a bit of PS2 footage in the trailer as well (apparently for a flashback scene), which he hopes players will use as a comparison.

Sound producer Kazuki Muraoka, in a separate post, said that he's been busy with preparations for the Peace Walker. So busy, in fact, that although he'd been totally excited for it, he was unable to buy the Beatles' remastered CD. Instead of that, he's been listening to the vocal song that's played in the background of the new trailer.

In addition to playing and downloading the Peace Walker demo at TGS next week, it might be a good idea to stick around for the latest trailer footage.

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