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Heavy Rain Tokyo Game Show Demo Detailed

Sony has a Japanese language demo on the way for next week's Japanese debut.

Expect some of this, but in Japanese.

Sony's first party PS3 lineup at this year's Tokyo Game Show is foreign heavy. But with games like Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain up for play, you won't find me complaining!

Overseas visitors who attended E3 and Gamescon might be wondering if Sony will be just rehashing their old demos for TGS. For Heavy Rain, it seems as though players will be getting a mix of the demos from those two shows.

Famitsu.com got an "exclusive scoop" on the content of the Tokyo Game Show Heavy Rain demo. According to the site, the demo will offer two scenarios.

One involves private detective Scott Shelby who's visiting the family member of a victim of the Origami Killer when a robber suddenly appears on the scene. This sounds like what was shown at Gamescon (see IGNPS3 for a preview).

The other scenario focuses on FBI investigator Norman Jayden who's in the middle of questioning a character called Mad Jack. This sounds like the game's E3 build.

At the very least, the TGS version will be unique in that it will offer Japanese voice overs. For the English speakers, let's hope Sony was good enough to also include the original voice tracks, or at least English subtitles.

Famitsu.com also promises an interview with the Heavy Rain developers for September 24, the first day of the show.

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