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Sega brings Yuji Naka's underappreciated Wii title to a new platform.


Sega gave you a chance to tap with your Wiimote last year, and you didn't take them up on the offer. Now, you've got another chance to support Yuji Naka's fledging Prope studio, this time on the iPhone.

Let's Tap will be coming to the iPhone/iPod touch platform, Sega announced today. The Wii title, which marked the retail debut for Prope, the new studio from Sonic mastermind Yuji Naka, is being released to the mobile platform as a series of downloadable games priced between ¥100 and ¥500.

The Wii version of Let's Tap had players set the Wiimote on a box, which could be tapped to play through mini-games. The basics remain the same on the iPhone, with Sega also noting that players can simply keep the device on top of a table to play. Additionally, the games include a "Touch Style Mode" which lets you tap the screen directly to play, and a "Freestyle Mode" which lets you tap anywhere as long as you're holding your iPhone in your hand.

The lineup of Let's Tap titles includes the following:

Let's Tap Runner

This game requires that you perform a weak tap to make your character run and a strong tap to make your character jump. Release set for September 18 at ¥450.

Let's Tap Gem Game

Tap to send balls flying, the goal being to make the balls land in a machine that's floating in the sky. Set for September 25 release, priced at ¥115.

Let's Tap Silent Blocks

Make precise taps in order to carefully release blocks from a stack. Set for October 2 at ¥450.

Let's Tap Bubble Voyager

You guide your Bubble Voyager ship, which rises when you tap, sinks when you don't, and fires a missile when you tap hard. Release set for October 9 at ¥450.

Let's Tap Rhythm Tap

A rhythm game where you tap in synch with music. Release set for October 16 at ¥450.

In addition to these games, Sega will be offering its Let's Tap Digital Sounds soundtrack for download via iTunes Store. This will be available on September 30 at ¥150 per song or ¥1,800 for the entire 21-track album.

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