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Sega Plans Bayonetta Tour

Reserve the game and get a Bayonetta mouse pad.


Bayonetta's Tokyo Game Show demo area filled up quickly, forcing Sega to close off the line midway through the day. Add to that the pressure of the hot Bayonetta cosplayer outside the hall, and some eager fans must have gone home disappointed.

Hire this girl, Sega!

But all is not lost. Sega will be giving players a chance to sample the game ahead of its release via a retail tour. The tour will kick off on October 3 in multiple Tokyo locations and run through October 25, leading up to the game's October 29 release date.

Those who sample the game will receive a Bayonetta Cear File Bag and a Bayonetta Trailer Collection DVD. Additionally, those who proceed to reserve the game at select retailers will get be given a special Bayonetta mouse pad.

For specific times and locations, see Sega's press release at 4gamer.

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