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Final Fantasy XIII Official Site Updated

TGS trailer joined by message from Masashi Hamazu and a terrible, terrible lie about the prologue novel.


Following a Final Fantasy XIII-heavy Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix gave the game's official site a big update update today. Here's what's new.

The biggest point of note is a streaming version of the Tokyo Game Show trailer. The general public has been hearing about this thing since the Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party earlier this month. Now you can see it for yourself even if you weren't able to make the 10:05 cut for viewing the trailer in the Square Enix Tokyo Game Show booth.

TGS also marked the unveiling of the special Final Fantasy XIII system. This has now been added to the site's "Special" area. Sadly, the site still does not provide a look at the bundle's box.

Also new to the "Special" area is the first of chapter of the Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero Promise prologue novel. At least... the site says the first chapter is now available. I presume Square Enix will be uploading it shortly, as it's currently not actually accessible.

Finally, the latest in a series of creator messages. This one is from composer Masashi Hamazu, who says that he was constantly given inspiration for his work due to the greatness of the game's world view, scenario, imagery and gameplay.

During TGS, Square Enix also began accepting pre-orders for the PlayStation 3 Final Fantasy XIII bundle via its e-Store. Those who purchase the product from the e-Store will get a bonus Christmas Card with a special message. This is also being given to buyers of the game's software-only version.

As with other limited edition pre-orders at the online shop, pre-orders for the FFXIII bundle are being handled in stages based off membership levels. Currently, only Ultimate and Gold members can pre-order the product. Silver Members will gain access on October 1. A date for general pre-orders has yet to be set.

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