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Nintendo Shares Latest DSiWare Lineup

Third parties deliver puzzles, mini-game collections and more.


Nintendo detailed the latest lineup of DSiWare games today. The 30th will see a handful of games from Nintendo itself as well as third parties.

From Nintendo comes Vol.5 of the Puzzle Iro Iro Monthly Crossword House series. This latest installment in the monthly series includes puzzles primarily from the November issue of Monthly Crossword House magazine. Pricing is set at the usual 500 DSi Points.

DigiToys is releasing a new installment of its The Tower DS series. You can read full details here. Pricing for this is 500 DSiPoints.

G Mode is releasing Chicken Spirit, 200 DSi Point a mini game collection that attempts to determine how much of a chicken you are. The game puts you in a variety of dangerous situations and determines your chicken level based off when you push the A button or touch the screen.

From Tasuke comes Calculator + TCG Tool. As the name suggests, this can be used both as a calculator and as a convenient tool for trading card games. It includes functionality for dice, coins, timers and stop watches, as well as the ability to record card positions, scores and more. Pricing is set at 200 DSiPoints.

Hudson is readying Illust Logic Japanese Classics. This 500 DSiPoint title combines the Illust Logic puzzle game with 200 problems in five genres, including Japanese classic literature. Once you've finished a problem, you can send it out as a demo to other players.

IE Institute has two Premium 800 DSiPoint titles on the way. Himekrui Calendar DS serves both as a daily puzzle game based off the "Shikakui Atama wo Maruku Suru" game and as an actual calendar with scheduling functionality. Junior High English Phrases 150 is an English language program that teaches reading, writing, and listening.

Look for all these games on the 30th.

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