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Super Street Fighter Movies Hitting on Thursday

SFIV official site sees a full renewal with promise of new things to come.


The info already leaked out in advance, but Capcom today opened up its official Super Street Fighter IV site as scheduled. The site replaces the previous SFIV site. Hope you took some screen grabs for posterity!

The site is low on content at present, but a character section does provide close up profiles of T.Hawk and Juri. Separately, Famitsu.com confirmed DeeJay earlier today. The site's print edition, due to hit news stands on Thursday (but leaked out in advance as always) offers a closer look at Dee Jay.

Here's a summary of Juri's character profile:

  • Full Name: Juri Han
  • Country: Korea
  • Birthday: January 1
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 165cm
  • Weight: 46kg
  • Three Sizes: 75/56/85
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Likes: spicy foods, spiders
  • Hates: Rules, People who can't keep up with the situation
  • Job: S.I.N Engineer
  • Special Skill: Never forgets a road she's walked
  • Fighting Style: Tae Kwon Doe

The site also has a trailer section currently featuring that stylish Ken VS Ryu trailer that's been circling the web since earlier today.

The SFIV official blog was also transformed today into the Super Street Fighter IV Official Blog.

Here's a pic of blog writer Natsuki Aizawa -- aka Nakki -- pretending to be Juri:

That thing in her eye is what Juri uses to perform her special attacks.

In today's first blog post, Nakki says that Yoshinori Ono is once again serving as producer. She's serving as assistant producer.

The blog post also introduces the new characters, Juri and T.Hawk. Wondering what Juri's kanji is? Impress your Asian friends by writing this: "蛛俐."

Nakki also confirms Dee Jay's inclusion in the game, in case you don't trust Famitsu.com.

On Thursday, we'll get our first official look at the new characters via an update at the official site that's scheduled for 17:00 that day. The update will include not just screenshots, but a first "new character introduction trailer" showing off special moves and more. It's unclear if Dee Jay will be included in the trailer, but at the very least Nakki promises official details (and presumably screenshots) for the character on that day.

Closing off this first Super SFIV Blog post, Nakki reveals that we can actually look forward to two times the blogging! Her blog, which she calls the Nakki Blog, will be updated every Friday. There will also be a new Developers Blog which touches upon the game's development with contributions from the director, planners, designers, and programmers. This will be updated every Tuesday starting 10/6.

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