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Media Create Analyst Predicts Final Fantasy XIII Sales

Could series drop below two million with new PS3 entry?

Lightning demands double platinum.

Yoichi Wada had his say about Final Fantasy XIII sales. Now it's time for the analysts.

Gaming site ITMedia recently quizzed Media Create for their expectations on FFXIII's domestic sales. In case you don't keep up with Japanese game sales, Media Create provides weekly sales statistics and is considered a rival to Famitsu publisher Enterbrain.

Media Create Senior Analyst Kenichi Chiba says that a realistic goal for Final Fantasy XIII is 1.5 million in December with total sales of around 1.7 to 1.8 million.

As reasoning behind this figure, Chiba used FFX's sales record and also considered overall sales trends for the FF series. FFX sold 2.4 million units when the PS2's install base was 5 million. Looking at this ratio, and considering that the PS3 could be at around 4 million systems by the time of FFXIII's release, one comes to about 1.9 million sales. However, the FF series as a whole has been slowly falling, with FFXII selling 2.25 million.

Wada, in his recent comments to Reuters, only specified a total worldwide minimum for the title of 6 million. He did not provide specific market splits.

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