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Bayonetta Demo Set for October 8

Xbox 360 and PS3 owners to get different demos.


Gentlemen, start your system wars! Sega announced today a final availability date for its promised Bayonetta demo. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners will have access to the download on October 8.

Sega says that the PS3 and Xbox 360 demos will offer different stages. The actual content list provided by Sega, however, suggests that the only difference is an extra stage for 360 owners.

The PS3 demo, clocking in at 1,196MB, will include a tutorial and The Angel's Metropolis stage. The Xbox 360 demo, at 770MB, will include the tutorial, The Angel's Metropolis stage, and the Falling Clock Tower prologue stage.

Both demos will provide options for camera, sound and display adjustments.

Also a bit odd in Sega's announcement is the screenshots it shared. Each system was given three screenshots. However, two of the shots appear to be the same across both systems. I've included all screens here in case you're interested in scrutinizing them:

Screenshots provided for the PS3 version.
Screenshots provided for the Xbox 360 version.

In a past interview, producer Yusuke Hashimoto said of the upcoming demo, "It will be more than just a demo that's pulled from the middle of the game. We'd like to make it so that those who've already bought the game will make new discoveries if they play the demo."

It's unclear at this point how this demo will do just that, but we should find out next week!

Bayonetta's final retail release is set for October 29.

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