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Fake Love Plus Love Letters Fetch ¥75,000 at Auction

Konami's Tokyo Game Show promotion causes a stir amongst fans.

An on shaggy carpet no less!

If you attended the Tokyo Game Show, you might have noticed some girls in school girl outfits running up to random attendees outside Kaihim Makuhari Station and handing them sealed envelopes. Hope you didn't refuse the gift, because you could have made quite the profit.

Those envelopes contained promotional love letters for Konami's Love Plus. The love simulation, which was released one month ago, saw a similar promotion just ahead of its release, with girls positioned at train stations around Tokyo running up to salarymen and handing out letters.

ITmedia reports that the Tokyo Game Show love letters are fetching quite the moneys on Yahoo Auctions. Konami made a total of nine love letters available, three for each heroine. Individually, the letters have been fetching ¥3,000 and ¥6,000. A set of all three letters for any individual girl goes for around ¥20,000. Did you somehow get all nine letters? Then you could take home ¥75,000!

Getting all three letters for any one girl should be tough enough, considering the letters were handed out at random. But all nine letters? Totally impossible, even for the most downtrodden of salarymen.

I sense an inside job.

Fear what happens when Tokimeki Memorial 4 sees release in December.

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