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First Look: Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition

Capcom shares a first trailer and first screens; Jun Takeuchi shares new details.


Capcom did its best to keep its Tokyo Game Show theater free from shakey cams. But it of course couldn't stop the Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition trailer from leaking out.

In case leaked footage isn't your thing, you can at long last get something more official. Capcom shared a direct feed version of the trailer with the internets today. View it in streaming form here:


Capcom also shared first high res images of the game today. As with the trailer, these are are from cinematic scenes, so you don't get to see what a motion controller pointer looks like on the PS3 (hint: it looks just like it does on the Wii).

The Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition hype machine is actually well beyond the teaser trailer stage. At TGS, producer Jun Takeuchi had staff members demo the game live using Sony's motion controller. That showing was followed by a huge blowout on the game in this week's Famitsu. I provided a summary of the Famitsu story at IGN, but here's a summary of my summary.

Alternative Edition includes all the content from the original RE5, but adds in motion controls through Sony's as-yet unnamed peripheral, along with a new episode.

When played with the motion controller, you hold Sony's wand device in one hand and the Dual Shock in the other -- this is how the game was played during the press conference.

While the conference demo showed the motion controls used only for aiming, Famitsu confirms that you'll be able to swing the controller like a knife as well. The magazine also suggests other uses for controls.

The game can also be played with standard Dual Shock controls if you like.

The new episode is the focus of the trailer. It takes place in Spencer's mansion, allowing you to play as Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine (not Sheva) in a scene that was shown in flashback form in RE5. Total play time is about two hours.

Gameplay in the new scenario is just like that of the original, although in an interview with Famitsu, Takeuchi said the content has a more "horror" taste to it. You can play co-op just as you did in the original. However, the new scenario will not be a part of the main quest. You'll have to select it separately from the main menu.

Thinking about upgrading to this new version of RE5? It may be reasonable to consider it a Director's Cut of sorts. All the download content from RE5 -- even the paid stuff -- is included on the disc. In addition, your save files and Trophies will carry over. You'll also be able to play co-op with players of the original. No word yet on if you'll be able to differentiate between versions so that you can make fun of people who've yet to upgrade.

A bit mysteriously, Takeuchi did not rule out being able to play the new episode between the two versions of the game. This sounds like it would be tough to pull off without owners of the original taking delivery of the new content somehow. Perhaps current owners will have the ability to upgrade.

This was said during a TGS stage show for Darkside Chronicles, but Xbox 360 owners aren't being totally left out of the fun. The additional content will be made available to 360 owners in some capacity, Takeuchi told Famitsu.

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