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The Difference Between the Two Niers

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions to be different only in Japan.


Xbox 360 owners here in Japan are getting Nier Gestalt. PS3 owners are getting Nier Replicant. What's the difference between these two?

Square Enix hasn't been particularly forthcoming on the differences. But this month's Famitsu Xbox 360 provides some answers.

Executive producer Yosuke Saito told the magazine that Nier Gestalt, the Japanese Xbox 360 version of the game, is basically the international version of Nier.

[note: I originally wrote here that Gestalt is the version of Nier that PS3 and Xbox 360 players outside of Japan will be getting. This was actually never specifically stated in the Famitsu Xbox 360 interview. However, it was heavily implied. See this update for more, including additional details on Nier in general]

In Japan, PS3 players will be getting a unique version of Nier in Replicant. This version was created as Cavia and Square Enix consulted on what would be fitting for the Japanese market.

Screenshots have already shown the main differences between the two titles. Gestalt has an older, more masculine hero, who's out to save his daughter. Replicant has a younger, more effeminate hero who's out to save his younger sister.

Replicant Nier (left) and Gestalt Nier (right).

This wasn't mentioned in the Famitsu Xbox 360 article, but the sister and daughter appear to be the same person. I played the Tokyo Game Show version of Gestalt, and noticed the Yohan character, who was first described in Famitsu's first PS3 preview of the game as being Nier's sister. She's presumably the daughter in Gestalt.

Saito was a bit vague on the actual differences in content between the two versions, saying that players could consider the "game design" to be the same between the two and that it's not the case that you'll only be able to see 100% of the game by playing both titles.

Elsewhere in the interview, Saito said that Nier would not have co-op play . However, download content is under consideration.

Saito also commented on one curiosity of the TGS Gestalt demo. That demo had English voices. The Japanese version of the game will be like this, with English voices and Japanese subtitles.

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