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3D Dot Game Heroes Has a World Map

And rendering-themed magic too!


With its retro stylings and high tech visuals, there was already a lot to get excited over regarding 3D Dot Game Heroes. Here's another bullet point to add to the list: a world map!

The 3D Dot Game Heroes world, known as Dotnia Kingdom, looks like this:

Looking in a bit closer:

From left to right, top to bottom (these are my own name translations, so they may be off): Poleto Forest, Arudo Wasteland, Sadoran Cemetary, Lajak Village, Cornelia Village, Dark Tower, Batalua Field, Gilga Beach, Kai Crater, Visclo Volcano, and Nuntora Desert.

4gamer has a shot of these areas lined up on the world map, if you'd like to see where everything goes.

In addition to the world map, From's latest update on the game revealed a fourth playable character. Joinng the Hero, Prince, and Scholar types comes the Ancient Hero. In the game's story, this is the hero of legend who, long ago, sealed away the devil demon Onikis. This was back when Dotnia Kingdom was still 2D.

And closing off today's update, some details on the game's magic system. As you progress in the game, you'll earn the ability to cast "Shader Magic." The examples shared by From today have rendering-themed names like Parallax Map, Reflection, Normal Map and Frozen Shader. You'll have to use these both to combat enemies and as a means of solving puzzles.

Frozen Shader -- turn an area around your character to ice.
Parallax Map -- you can see things that you'd normally not be able to see.
Normal Map -- a wave strikes the ground and destroys enemies.
Reflection -- you become like a mirror and reflect enemy attacks.

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