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Japanese Site Reports on UMD Transfer Issue

Feature is no go due to copyright issues, says Mainichi.jp


Overseas sites recently reported that Sony has held back on its plans to allow gamers to transfer their UMD game library to PSP go for play on the new download-only system. Yesterday, Mainichi.jp became the first Japanese site to address this issue.

According to Mainichi, Sony has pushed back the release of a peripheral or other such device that would have allowed players to use their UMD library on the PSP go. Apparently, the company has been unable to resolve software copyright issues. Concerns included players possibly transferring their games over, and then selling them back to used game shops.

I'm not sure if this is 100% original reporting by Mainichi, or if it's just a report based off overseas reports. The PSP go does not see release here until November 1.

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