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PS3 Tops the Monthly Sales Charts For the First Time Ever

DSi pushed into second place following slimline revision and lower price.

A PS3 slim launch event in Akihabara from early last month.

PlayStation 3 saw a huge sales surge following the release of its lower priced slimline revision on September 3. In addition to giving the system its highest weekly sales total ever, the new model helped make the system the number one selling hardware for September.

Yomiuri Online, citing numbers from Enterbrain, reports that PS3 topped the monthly sales charts for the first time in September, selling 309,939 units. This was good enough to beat the mighty DSi, which sold 261,363 units.

PS3's console competition didn't even come close. Nintendo sold 61,619 Wii units over the month. Wii saw a price drop on October 1. The effect of this will not be known until next week's sales charts.

Yomiuri did not provide specific stats for PSP and Xbox 360. The 360 saw a price drop for some of its models on September 10, although weekly sales charts out of Media Create did not show an effect. For the PSP, an October 1 price drop was announced towards the end of the month. PSP go is not due for release here until November 1.

On the software side of things, Mainichi.jp provided a few figures, also based off Enterbrain stats. Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver (Pokemon, DS) topped the charts with 2,067,000 units. Friend Collection (Nintendo, DS) took second with 320,000 units, bringing its life total to 1,156,000. It's the 29th million seller for the DS, according to Mainichi. In third was Tales of Vesperia (Namco Bandai, PS3) with 272,000 units.

Famitsu.com will likely provide a closer look at the September sales stats next week.

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