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I Love SQ(uare Enix)

Upcoming Square Enix soundtrack offers new arrangements for classics.


Square Enix's latest soundtrack is for players who love the company's music so much that they can tell they're looking at a Square Enix soundtrack just from the font used for the S and Q.

Titled Love SQ, the the soundtrack features arranged tracks from Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and other Square Enix classics. The songs have been arranged by such musicians as PE'Z, and De De Mouse.

Here's the full track list:

  • Final Fantasy -- Main Theme (PE'Z)
  • Final Fantasy III -- Yuukyuu no Kaze (De De Mouse)
  • Chrono Trigger -- Chrono Trigger & Toki no Kairo (Novoiski)
  • Chrono Trigger -- Harukanaru Toki no Kanata e (livetune)
  • Chrono Trigger -- Kaeru no Theme & Sentou Shori (Sexy-Synthesizer)
  • Final Fantasy -- Chocobo no Theme (Good Luck Heiwa)
  • Romancing Saga -- Medley (note native)
  • Seiken Densetsu Legend of Mana -- Medley (muZik)
  • Final Fantasy -- Battle Medley (Pia-no-jaC)
  • Final Fantasy -- Prelude (no.9)

Look for the soundtrack on November 25 at ¥2,100.

The soundtrack's official site can be found here. You'll have to answer a couple of questions to get in. I've spoilered these because I really wanted to use my spoiler tag feature.

[spoiler]The first question asks, "Do you have memories of game music." The second question asks, "Do you know about Square Enix?". In classic RPG form, you have to answer yes to both.[/spoiler]

Also be sure and check out Gamasutra for a closer look at the Love SQ soundtrack, Square Enix music in general, and more from the Tokyo Game Show.

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