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So what ever happened to that Nintendo Kyoto event?

People wait 60 to 120 minutes to play games that are already out.


Remember that event Nintendo was supposed to hold down in Kyoto? You know, the one that people idiotically speculated would serve as an announcement space for a Wii price drop despite the fact that it's totally not that kind of event?

It was held today, and I... did not go. But Famitsu.com did! Click here for the site's full report.

The oddly named "Nintendo Game Event" is part of Kyoto Cross Media Experience, a contents event highlighting games, anime, manga, and movies. The main Kyoto Cross Media Experience event kicked off on September 26 and will finish tomorrow (10/4). Nintendo's part of the event opened today and will finish tomorrow as well.

As promised, Nintendo showed mostly in-release titles at the event. The lineup consisted of Mario & Sonic at Vancouver Olympics, Wii Fit Plus, Wii Sports Resort, and Pokemon Scramble. These managed to draw waits of between 60 and 120 minutes, according to the Famitsu.com report.

Nintendo also offered two downloadable demos for the DS version of Mario & Sonic at Vancouver Olympics and downloadable walking courses for Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver's Pokewalker. DSi owners could download exclusive photo frames.

Outside of its current product, Nintendo also set up a corner called "Video Game History." This told the history of Nintendo's hardware from the time of the Famicom.

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