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BlazBlue Sequel Detailed

New characters, stages, and systems for 2D HD followup.


BlazBlue is getting an arcade sequel. Arc System Works announced the update not at the JAMMA arcade show in mid September, but about a week after it. Guess they didn't want to get outshined by giant joystick Tetris.

Titled BlazBlue Continuum Shift, the followup to the 2D HD fighter from the makers of Guilty Gear promises new characters, added skills for current fighters, and additional stages.

Two new fighters have been announced so far: Hasama and Tsubaki Yayoi. Both appeared in the story mode of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the original BlazBlue.

On the stage side of things, players can look forward to two stages from the home version as well as two completely new stages. Additionally the current set of stages have all seen arrangements.

Arc is also working some new systems into the game. Among these is a "Beginners Mode," which will allow beginners to more easily play.

Look for Continuum Shift in arcades this Winter. The game is playable today and tomorrow at a location test at the Ikebukuro Gigo arcade.

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