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From Answers Your 3D Dot Game Heroes Questions

Is there voice? Will there be an Xbox 360 version? Do the blocks have real physics?

I wish real PS3 boxes were that fat!

Got some burning questions about 3D Dot Game Heroes? You probably do! Other players have burning questions too! Maybe your questions are the same! If so, perhaps you'll find an answer to your question at the FAQ From Software put up yesterday at the game's official site.

Here are the questions and answers, translated or approximated into English:

How hard is the game
They're aiming for the normal mode to be passable by most people. There's also an extremely hard mode (I think the name for this translates to "Difficulty Level From").
Do the enemies break into dots when you defeat them
Yes, they break into small blocks. This is done using physics, so the way the blocks fly out changes based off how you kill the foe. You can also touch the fallen blocks to make them roll around.
Is there a creation element?
You can freely edit your main character. You can make modifications to preset designs, or create from scratch. However, you can't edit the game's other characters.
Can you exchange data with others?
This is possible by exchanging the edit data in your save data management folder.
Can you edit maps and stages?
You cannot edit anything except for the main character.
Can you change characters and jobs?
This is partially possible. When starting the game, you can select from three types of main characters: hero, prince, and scholar. You can change characters during the loading screens. [NOTE: this FAQ seems to be based off old information, unless the Legendary Hero unveiled late last week is just another version of the hero class.]
Are there online elements?
The game is not online compatible.
Can you play co-op?
It's a single player game.
Can you change the camera?
Partially. You can select from four preset camera angles.
Is this an action RPG or a command RPG?
It's an action RPG?
Is it going to be sold at retail or via download?
It's a retail game.
Are there additional gameplay elements outside of the main story?
Yes. There are a number of sub story quests. You'll also find weapon customization, item collection, monster collection, and multiple difficulties.
Are there plans for an Xbox 360 version?
No. It's a PlayStation 3-only title.
How long is the play time?
For most, it should take 25 to 30 hours to clear the game. Including all the other stuff, like item collection and the hard difficulty mode, and this goes to 45 to 50 hours.
Can you always save?
You can always save. However, there are restart points. If you save on the field, you'll start back at the previous inn. If you save in a dungeon, you'll start back at the dungeon's entrance.
Is the text hard to read?
You can change the text size for dialogue windows. You can make it larger than the default size
Is there voice?
No. Like an old game, there's audio expression through sound. [Not sure what they're talking about here -- maybe the little dot-dot-dot sounds that play as text prints out.]
Are there secret or trick weapons?
We're developing it to fulfill expectations. See for yourself for details.
Are there mini games?
There are a number of mini games that will consume you.
Can you play as Spelunker?
Clear certain conditions, and you'll be able to use Spelunker as the main character.
Are there a large number of swords and shields?
There is a large variety of unique types.
How big can the giant swords get?
Depending on the sword, the size extents change. Some can get so big that they fill the screen.
Does this game steal from the Flash game Nagakute Futoi Oreo no ***?
We've received permission from the maker of the game. [This is in reference to some concern people had about some of the elements of 3D Dot Game Heroes resembling the above Flash game. The maker of the Flash game silenced those concerns by making a blog post saying that the 3D Dot Game Heroes creators checked with him first.]
Can you only move in four directions?
You can move in eight directions.
It's difficult to read just hiragana and katakana
There is some Kanji.

Do be sure and check out the official site. The site is set up like an RPG, with old-school menus. Many of the options lead to movies, so click around!

The 3D Dot Game Heroes website actually became useful a few weeks back.

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