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3D Dot Game Heroes Has a Screenshot Feature

Take pics of your favorite moments! Be sure and use the overhead view for true retro stylings!


That 3D Dot Game Heroes FAQ From Software posted yesterday got me looking into the Flash game that had apparently served as inspiration for developer Silicon Studio.

Made by Babarageo, the game is titled "Futokute, Nagai, Ore no ***." This translates to "Fat, Long, It's My ***." I know what your dirty little mind is thinking, but the *** actually stands for sword. The area that inspired 3D Dot Game Heroes was the Flash game's power-up system which lets players increase their sword size as they play.

Last month, Babarageo made a post at his blog about this issue, stating that Silicon Studio had actually contacted him asking if they could use the power up system. He said yes, but in the blog post noted that he wondered at the time why he was even being asked for the permission. "It's not like I have a patent on a system were swords grow large," wrote Babarageo.

I was hoping to provide a link to the Flash game for you, but I couldn't find it. If you want to search for yourself, look up "太くて長いオレの○○○". I did play it a few weeks back, so it has to be somewhere!

Insider development stories aside, the reason I'm writing about this is because Babarageo's post, and a subsequent post from later in the month, provided a few additional details on 3D Dot Game Heroes. Some months after first contacting Babarageo about the power-up system, Silicon Studio invited him to their offices for a play test, and he shared his impressions on the game. From even linked to his impressions off the official site!

Here are a few of Babarageo's observations upon playing the game

The title screen.

    [li]Immediately after the prologue, you become freely able to explore the game world.[/li]

    [li]There are Monster Hunter-style load times between some screens. They're just a few seconds, though, and there's some sort of parody in the illustrations on the loading screens.[/li]

    [li]If you answer no during yes/no questions asked by townsfolk, you'll almost always see some sort of strange joke. Babarageo suggests that you answer no every time.[/li]

    [li]You can switch characters to an original character creation midway through the adventure, so you won't have to restart a new game when testing out your character creations.[/li]

    [li]In the second page of impressions, Babarageo attempts to use the character edit mode to make Atelier Rorona. The model was apparently based off a post at My Game Flash. He managed to do it in one and a half hours.[/li]

    [li]The character edit mode only allows you to use 7 colors. If you're creating models in advance of the game's release, make sure you prepare for this.[/li]

    [li]There appears to be some proportion issues when making a character that uses the full 16x16x16 edit space. Your character will end up being way larger than the game's NPC characters. See below for a shot.[/li]

    [li]You can adjust the camera between four angles, one of which is a classic Zelda-like overhead view.[/li]

    [li]The game has a screenshot feature. You can see a sample shot below.[/li]


    Creating Atelier Rorona.
    Look how big Rorona is!
    Camera angles.
    A Zelda-like view. The game world has height, so this view might be tricky.
    Taken with the screengrab feature.

    The feature list keeps on growing for 3D Dot Game Heroes. November 5 can't come soon enough!

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