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Check Out the Biceps on Hideo Kojima!

Solid Snake's got nothing on Solid Kojima!


Hideo Kojima always struck me as being a bit on the petit side. So imagine my surprise when I saw this at the Kojima Productions official blog:

That's Kojima showing his stuff in a Friday post. He took the picture after having returned to the gym following a two week absence due to the Tokyo Game Show. He says that he gained about two kilograms over the time. Still looking pretty good, Kojima!

The Kojima Productions blog is one of the most frequently updated development blogs I've ever seen, with Kojima himself often posting multiple times a day. Most of the posts are of the general interest variety, but the team will occasionally share some top secret details.

A post on Friday from Kojima discussed the controller attachment set Konami handed out to those who played Peace Walker at the Tokyo Game Show. The set includes a D-pad and special buttons. With the set, you can make your PSP's face buttons look like this:

Apparently, the attachment set has been well received, and Konami is considering offering it to a broader audience. Possibilities include selling it on its own, bundling it with the game, selling it exclusively online, and offering it as a prize. Kojima says they haven't decided.

Do whatever you have to do, Kojima, as long as we don't have to play the game like this:

Wrote Kojima on Friday about the above simage, "PW is on PSP, so we're looking into this control method as well!"

I think he's joking.

Kojima also posted a screen grab on Friday. The screen shows impressions of the people who played Peace Walker at TGS. Wrote Kojima, "I'm reading the impressions from everyone at TGS. Included in the bunch are some that almost make me cry."

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