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Gamers celebrate Manaka Takane's birthday

Warning: she's not real.


Yesterday was a special day. International Teachers Day? Well... yes. The day the first official Linux kernel was released? Uhh... yes, that too. The founding date for the Public Broadcasting Service?

Okay, a lot of stuff has happened on October 5. But here's why gamers were particularly excited yesterday. October 5 is the birth date of Love Plus heroine Manaka Takane. I know, I know... it's just a game. But given the fervor that surrounded the fake love letters Konami handed out at the Tokyo Game Show. You can bet fans weren't going to let this day go quiet.

The 2channel poster who prepared the above cake wrote: "Today, I will celebrate with this cake after work."

This 2channel poster wrote, "A present and a cake. Will she be happy?"

This guy went all out, arranging a cake, perfume, and flowers. Total price: ¥5,000. He says, however, that he can't eat sweet stuff, possibly because of age, and thus only ate 1/4 of the cake. He's waiting until night to dispose of the rest without his family knowing.

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