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Nier Developer Disses... Something.

Watch out, Crystal Bearers, Wii, Nintendo, and television industry!

Nier... uhh, Replicant, I think.

There are two areas of great interest in the latest blog post from Nier director Yoko Taro.

Write's Taro in a post dated October 4, "I wanted to see the Nier video at TGS, so I watched the Square Enix booth theater continuously."

Doesn't it strike you as a bit odd that the director of Nier has to watch the trailer for his game in the Square Enix booth at a trade show? Or maybe he meant that he literally wanted to watch the video at TGS, as in on the show floor (perhaps so that he could count the smirks when Kaine appeared in the footage).

The other area of interest is what comes after the above. Continues Taro on the Square Enix theater reel, "It was looping, so after FFXIII came Crystal Bearers. To be honest, the graphics in Crystal Bearers are hard on the eyes."

Ouch! Is Wada going to have to take the belt off tomorrow? Actually, Taro isn't dissing Crystal Bearers. "Bearers' graphics are well done," he writes. "I get the feeling that you could call them the highest level for Wii. However, SD graphics are just painful. This is the limits of the hardware, so you can't do anything about it."

Taro's suggestion is, "Nintendo should use their profits to make a backwards compatible HD Wii, or release an optional upconverter for the Wii, or give the television industry money to properly handle SD video."

I personally did not watch the public Square Enix theater show. However, I did play both Nier Gestalt and Crystal Bearers. In my opinion, Crystal Bearers actually doesn't look half bad. My expectations might be lower because it's the Wii, but I recall being impressed by the game's look.

Nier, on the other hand...

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