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Bitter Delay for R-Type Tactics II

Irem discovers bug towards end of development. Producer apologizes. Name still goes unexplained.


It looks like we're going to have to wait a bit longer for more R-Type strategy. R-Type Tactics II, which has the inexplicable subtitle of "Operation Bitter Chocolate," won't make its October 29 release date, Irem announced today. The game is now planned for November.

As reason for delay, the company said that it discovered a booboo towards the latter part of the game's development. The development staff felt that time would be required to fix the problem.

You can see the lengthy apology letter from producer Kazuma Kujo at the game's official site

The Tactics series offers a strategic twist on the R-Type shooting franchise. Instead of blasting away at targets, you move your ship and other units on a grid. For the sequel, Irem is offering more content, cooperative play, and the promise of additional downloadable content in the future.

The game is set to be offered in both retail UMD and PSN downloadable form. Those who go the retail route will get a soundtrack CD titled R-Type Your best Our Best. See the official site for sample tracks (click the red button next to the soundtrack box).

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