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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Demo Set for Release

Get the Tokyo Game Show demo... in case you didn't realize that it's already available.

Now you have no excuse to not download the Peace Walker demo... unless you're one of the extremely few people in the world who don't speak English or Japanese. But then you don't count anyway.

Were you unable to make it out to the Tokyo Game Show to download the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker demo? Or maybe you did make it out to the show but forgot to take your PSP. Or maybe you didn't actually "forget" your PSP -- you just don't have one because you're waiting for PSP go, which won't arrive here in Japan until November 1.

Whatever your reason for having not gotten your hands on the demo, now's your chance. Today at 18:00, Konami will post the demo to the Peace Walker official site. The downloadable demo has the same content as the version that was distributed at the Tokyo Game Show.

Of course, the truly solid know that IGN has offered the demo for download since day one of TGS -- even prior to the show's official opening! That offer was presumably meant for English-speaking audiences. Now Japanese players will be able to get the demo from a Japanese source.

Hey Kojima Productions! Have you heard of this "PSN" thing? Rumor has it that they host demos and can be easily accessed directly from the PSP.

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