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This is the Bayonetta Demo

Videos and screens of the PS3 version surface on the Japanese internets.


Want to get a close look at the Sega converted version of Bayonetta but don't have a PS3 to do so? No need to worry -- the Japanese internets have you taken care of.

Hachimaki has posted a collection of screenshots and videos for the demo that have surfaced on the likes of 2channel and so forth. See it there if you prefer snarky Japanese commentary, or just click below:

Plus, a few YouTubes:

This clip shows the intro, the title screen, the stage select, and the first half of the Angel's Metropolis stage. It cuts off a bit before the fight agains the Zeus-like boss.

This clip shows the second half of the Angel's Metropolis stage, including the two fights against the Zeus-like guy and the acrobatic battle with Jeanne, finishing off with a closing cinematic. The stuff after the first Zeus-guy attack is, I believe, exclusive to the PS3 demo.

You should be able to see some of the graphical deficiencies from the PS3 version, but you should also be able to see that the game still looks intense regardless!

I have no idea what this is supposed to be:

Bayonetta sexy dance for the win!

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