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Nintendo Retailer Briefing Reveals New Stuff

Release dates, controller colors, and more Pikachu!


Every now and then, Nintendo holds a retailer briefing where it quietly shares new release dates and makes new product announcements. The press isn't invited, but a few retailers end up spilling all the details through blogs.

Yesterday was the big day for the latest such briefing. A few official announcements followed the briefing, providing some of the major pieces of news. Tales of Graces is now due for release on December 10, and will be offered both standalone and as part of a white Wii console bundle. Samurai Warriors 3 saw a similar announcement, but for December 3.

For the rest of the news, we turn to the Sinobi blog -- the same blog that provides all those early sales stats. The site reported the following dates:

  • New Super Mario Bros. Wi: 12/3
  • Wii Remote Blue: 12/3
  • Wii Remote Pink: 12/3
  • Poke Park Wii -- Pikachu's Big Adventure: 12/5
  • NHK Kouhaku Quiz Chorus: 12/17
  • Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks: 12/23

Of these, New Super Mario Bros., Zelda, and the NHK singing game were previously announced. The other product are new.

Poke Park Wii Pikachu's Big Adventure is an action adventure game where you work through a variety of attractions while strengthening your friendship with Pokemon. You'll have to team up with different Pokemon for the different events. During the Sky Race event, for instance, a flying Pokemon would be beneficial. During the Marine Slider event, a water-based Pokemon would be a wise choice.

The release date for the Pikachu game is a Saturday, which while common for a portable Pokemon RPG at the level of Diamond and Pearl, is a bit odd for a console Pokemon game. I'd have guessed a simultaneous hardware release of some form, but those new Wiimote colors are arriving opposite New Super Mario Bros. two days earlier.

If you're looking for screenshots of Pokemon or pics of the new Wiimotes, you won't find them here! Nintendo will presumably provide details to the press whenever it deems ready.

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