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Tales of Graces Has Paid DLC

Curse Nintendo for including that 512MB storage space!


A recent retail listing made mention of download content for Tales of Graces. Now some scans have surfaced revealing that, as with Tales of Vesperia, some of the download content will require you to hand over some yen -- or in this case, WiiPoints.

According to this scan, which was posted today at Hachimaki, Graces will offer items and other content for paid download. To the right, the scan mentions free content as well, although it's cut off so I'm not sure what it says exactly.

The source of this scan appears to be some sort of promotional plan chart listing Namco Bandai's plans to promote Graces as its newly announced December 10 release approaches. As first announced at TGS, these plans include a real world conversion of the game's curry food item. Tales of Hearts saw a similar promotion.

Perhaps of greater importance (just barely, though!) the chart suggests that the recently announced Graces-related DSiWare mini game will be available for download in November, ahead of Graces' release.

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