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Game Guides Dominate Book Charts

Gotta catch all the Pokemon guide books!


The gamer side of me says that this is good news. The... literate?... side of me says, not so good.

Oricon's latest book charts came out yesterday. If you were impressed when video games guides managed to take the top two spots, wait until you see the latest results, which show game guides occupying the top seven!

To be totally fair to the supposedly very well read Japanese public, four of the spots are for Pokemon. Separate Heart Gold and Soul Silver guides from Media Factory, Enterbrain, Mainichi Communications/Nintendo Dream, and Pokemon/GameFreak/Nintendo/Shougakkan took up slots one through four, selling between 34,000 and 76,000 in their first week of sales.

These were followed by ASCII Media Works' Monster Hunter 3 The Master Guide, which sold 27,675 units in its first week, the Dragon Quest IX Official Guide Book Vol.2, which sold 27,296 copies to bring its total to 328,409, and the Inazuma Eleven 2 Fastest Official Guide Book, which sold 24,900 copies in its first week.

A second Dragon Quest IX guide made it in at 11th, but was just shy of being 10th. There's also a Love Plus guide down at 16. I bet Love Plus fans will unite this week to push the guide into the top 5!

According to a news report at Oricon, this is the first time ever that seven video game guide books have placed in the top 10. The previous record came in October 2008 when four Pokemon Platinum guides placed in the top 10 two weeks in a row.

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