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Sample the Final Fantasy Gaiden Soundtrack

Retro sounds that will surely bring a smile to old school RPG gamers.


Square Enix announced its Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden soundtrack a few weeks back but failed to provide a proper sampling of the music that you'd be getting in exchange for your ¥2,500. That sampling arrived today at the soundtrack's newly refreshed official site.

Access the site now for samples of 8 songs that should bring a smile to old time RPG gamers. The samples can be found on the tracklist page, which has slots for 41 tracks. Square Enix is usually good about providing track samples, so expect more of those tracks to be unlocked over time.

The soundtrack's official site also promises commentary from composer Naoshi Mizuta (FFXI), arranger Mitsuto Suzuki (Dissidia Final Fantasy), and sound director Tomohiro Kamitani (DS Final Fantasy IV) to be shared in a future update.

The Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden Original Soundtrack hits on November 4. The game off which it's based arrives one week prior, on October 29.

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