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Is Platinum Games distancing itself from PS3 Bayonetta?

Joining the curious message that pops up before the PS3 demo is a new addition to Famitsu's game data boxes.


Have you had a chance yet to download the Bayonetta demo? If you're into flashy, high speed action, you'll probably agree that the game, regardless of the system, is at the top of the genre.

But developer Platinum Games appears to be shy about one area of the game.

As previously reported, the PS3 version of the demo opens with the following:

That's not in the 360 demo. And for good reason. When reports of the graphical issues with the PS3 version of the game surfaced last month, Platinum Games made it clear that it developed the 360 version and handed off the data to Sega to port the game to the PS3.

Still, it's a bit surprising to see such a straight forward statement. This is also a bit surprising:

That's the little info box that accompanies previews in Famitsu. The text at the bottom lists Bayonetta's director as Hideki Kamiya, producer as Yousuke Hashimoto, and developer as Platinum Games. Below that, "PS3 Port Developer: Sega."

Looks like Platinum Games is trying hard to distance itself from the PS3 version!

Personally, I find that while the visual difference between the two demo versions is obvious, the PS3 version should still manage to sell any action fan on the final product. But these curious statements leave me concerned that the PS3 version will have some further ickiness that's not apparent in the demo.

(as seen at Hachimaki)

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