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Left 4 Dead 2 Sees Simultaneous Release

Electronic Arts keeping the content unchanged for Japanese version.


Were you planning on picking up an import copy of Left 4 Dead 2? Well hold off on that! The Japanese version of Valve's next masterpiece will arrive on November 19, Electronic Arts today. This is technically two days after the official North American and European releases, but due to shipping considerations, players worldwide should be playing the game at about the same time.

Pricing for the domestic version is set at ¥7,665. The game will carry CERO's harshest rating of Z.

It looks like Japanese players will get a similar experience to overseas players. The content and visuals of the Japanese version will be identical to the overseas version. Japanese players will also be able to connect to overseas servers.

The game's packaging will be fully Japanese, complete with a Japanese instruction manual.

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