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Square Enix Wastes Another Game on Cell Phones

Turn off your speakers, for the music of Guin Saga will melt your heart.


One of my goals in creating this site was to give myself a portal for speaking out against publishers who attempt to release anything worthwhile on a cell phone. Thus far, Square Enix has proven to be the biggest offender.

They're at it again with Guin Saga Mobile. Visit this official site for a first look and first listen at Square Enix's newest cell phone game.

The original Guin Saga is a series of classic fantasy novels by author Kaoru Kurimoto. The franchise marks its 30th anniversary this year and will be seeing an anime conversion.

The game conversion is actually based off the anime. You take control of Guin (he's the guy with the leopard head) and Istavan in an RPG that takes you through the Guin Saga world.

The site's gameplay page shows puzzle solving, exploration, event scenes, and battles -- all the stuff you'd expect of an RPG. You get into battles when you come into contact with enemies on the fields.

I'm not too familiar with the Guin Saga... err, saga... myself. But I'm loving the retro RPG-like music at the game's official site! I'll wait for Guin Saga to appear on something other than mobile platforms before I get excited about actually playing it, though.

Those who don't mind playing games on a cell phone can look forward to Guin Saga Mobile on iMode some time this month. The game is chapter-based, with each chapter running around ¥525. As with Final Fantasy IV, the prologue chapter will be offered for free.

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