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Miyamoto Expects New Super Mario Bros. Wii To Have Legs

Mario creator holds live play session before retailers.


One of the biggest announcements from Nintendo's retailer briefing earlier this week was final release information for New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The multiplayer Wii remake of the DS's second best selling game (next to Pokemon Diamond & Pearl) is due for release here on December 3, with pricing set at ¥5,800.

It appears that Nintendo held another retailer briefing today (I'm going to speculate that this one was for retailers in the Tokyo area). The manager of game shop Games Maya, a Tokyo-based retailer that often hosts major talk events and signings, was in attendance and provided a few more details on the New Super Mario Bros. Wii part of the briefing via his blog.

Screenshots of New Super Mario Bros. Wii from E3.

The biggest surprise from the event, said the manager, was that Shigeru Miyamoto himself held a live New Super Mario Bros. Wii play session in front of attendees. During the play session, Miyamoto said of the game, "It's a Mario that will continue selling even after one year has passed."

New Super Mario Bros. sold about 865,000 units in its first week here, then kept on selling and eventually crossed the 5.5 million mark. Wii is no stranger to this type of sales pattern, as evidenced by games like Wii Fit and Wii Sports, but perhaps Miyamoto was trying to take care of any possible concerns from Super Mario Galaxy's more traditional sales pattern.

The Games Maya manager noted that the game's red packaging stands out. Nintendo hasn't provided a look at the packaging yet, but perhaps we can expect a color scheme similar to this promo image that popped up earlier this week:

(seen at Hachimaki)

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