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More on Wii's New Pokemon Game

Play mini games to access more mini games!


Nintendo's retailer briefing earlier in the week offered first announcement of an all new Wii Pokemon game. A retail blog that covered the briefing shared only vague details on the game, but a new retail listing has thankfully come through with a few additional details.

As shared in the original blog report, the new game is titled Poke Park Wii: Pikachu's Big Adventure. Players take on mini games and try out more complex "attractions" with Pokemon.

The new retail listing states that the game takes place in the land of Poke Park (that's "Poke" pronounced like in "Pokemon"). The park, which is split into areas like "forest" and "ocean," is visited by various Pokemon. Your goal is to communicate with these Pokemon and help save the park.

You take control of Pikachu. Your first task is to make friends with the visiting Pokemon. You do this by playing mini games. The retail listing lists three examples. A tag game requires that you chase after Pokemon and touch them. A battle mini game has you use Pikachu's electric blasts to reduce your future friend's energy. There's also a quiz game where you answer questions posed to you by the Pokemon.

Once you've made friends with a Pokemon, you'll be able to earn their help for when you challenge Poke Park's attractions. You'll also find that more Pokemon come to visit the park.

The attractions that you take on throughout the park might be pretty tough for Pikachu on his own, but they become easier if you work with the other Pokemon. The listing mentions three attractions. the Furi Furi Dash game has you shake the Wiimote in a race for the goal. The Habataki Sky Race game requires that you enlist the help of a flying Pokemon. The Marine Slider game requires that you team up with a Pokemon who's good at swimming.

Pokemon fans can also look forward to a viewing mode that lets you observe Pokemon as they play. You can also take pictures of the Pokemon and save to SD.

Poke Park Wii arrives on December 5. A separate retail blog (actually the blog that provided first details on the game earlier this week) lists a bonus item for the game. Set to be bundled with the game's first print run is a set of 3D stickers which lets you dress your Wiimote up in Pikachu designs.

If you're looking for screenshots of the game, you're not going to find them yet. Neither Nintendo nor Pokemon have officially acknowledged the game's existence. But with retail listings already appearing, I imagine that we'll hear something this week.

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