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Here Are Some Pokemon Stats

Plus, what's the only RPG Metal Gear pinup Akina Minami will play?


The recent release of Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver prompted the folks at Otona Fami, an adult-oriented version of Weekly Famitsu, to team up with Pokemon Co. for a special free retail magazine called Otona Fami Pokemon. The magazine is just fifteen pages long, but it's filled with all sorts of Pokemon information, including a list of all 40 Pokemon games, stats on Pokemon business, and celebrity interviews regarding the franchise.

Here are some of the stats listed in the magazine.

Domestic sales for the franchise, including all games, anime and goods, stand at 1 trillion yen. Worldwide, this reaches 2 trillion yen.

I'm not sure if this is included in the total, but the "monetary effect" of ANA's Pokemon jet and JR's Pokemon stamp rally is said to be respectively 2 billion yen and 4 billion yen.

Total game copies sold for Pokemon related games has reached 190,000,000 units. Of these, the main RPG entries total 130,000,000.

The Pokemon anime, which began broadcast in April 1997 on Tokyo TV, has now been broadcast in 74 countries.

Domestically, 85 companies make officially licensed Pokemon product. There are around 3,500 items available.

The Pokemon Card Game is available in over 40 countries throughout the world. The game has seen total card sales of 14 billion cards.

The twelve Pokemon movies released so far have grossed a total of 55.8 billion yen. I believe this figure is just for Japan. The highest grossing film of the bunch is the first, Mewtwo Strikes Back, with 7.24 billion yen. The second movie, The Power of One, took in 6.2 billion yen and was the number one Japanese release for 1999.

By the way, the girl on the cover of the magazine is Akina Minami. You might remember her from past work as one of the many pinup girls from Metal Gear Solid 4 (I'm pretty sure her hair was a different color then).

"I love Pokemon," says Minami in an interview. Her first experience with the series was through Red and Green back when she was in the third grade. "I normally don't play RPGs. I usually find it troublesome to raise levels and search for items. But Pokemon doesn't make those areas feel troublesome, so it's the one RPG that I play."

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