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Square Enix Taps Bon Jovi for Final Fantasy Commercial Song

The CM theme song for Crystal Bearers won't be JPOP.


When you hear Square Enix talk about a tie-up song for one of its games, it usually accompanies some Japanese performer or band that people in the English speaking world might not be familiar with. Not so with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. Square Enix announced today that it will be tapping none other than Bon Jovi for the new Wii Crystal Chronicles game.

Commercials for the game will make use of We Weren't Born to Follow off the band's new The Circle album. The commercials will start appearing later this month.

The Circle is Bon Jovi's first new album in two and a half years and will see release in Japan in advance of the rest of the world on November 4 at ¥2,500 for a standard version and ¥3,900 for a CD+DVD limited edition. The We Weren't Born to Follow single will hit on October 21 at ¥500.

Bon Jovi will also be appearing in Japan from October 26 through October 30 to promote the album.

Photo: Kevin Westenberg

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