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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Teams With Pizza Hut

Pizza swords and shields bought from an in-game Pizza Hut.


The Toro and Kuro tie-up made you smile. The Fanta tie-up... probably made you vomit.

Well get set to hurl again! Sega has sold out the Phantasy Star namesake once more, and this time it's being delivered in 30 minutes, or your money back (actually, if Pizza Hut takes too long with their deliveries here, they send you a ¥700 apology coupon signed by the store manager).

Sega announced today a collaboration that will pair Phantasy Star Portable 2 with Pizza Hut restaurants. As part of the tie-up, Pizza Hut shops will appear in the game, selling such items as Seafood Mixed Pizza (2,500 Meseta) and Cheese & Cheese Pizza (1,900 Meseta).

You might be expecting these to be healing items. But that may not be the case. Screenshots released by Sega show the game's characters using a pizza as a sword and a delivery box as a shield.

In the right shot, Emy orders a pizza.

The tie-up works the other way as well. Those who register to be a member in the real world Pizza Hut Club will be able to access a password which can unlock an in-game figure for the chain's Mr. Cheese mascot. This figure can be added to your My Room area in the game's story mode, both in the game's final version and in the upcoming demo version (currently undated).

Mr. Cheese.

More tie-ups could be on the way for PSP2. The game's official site has one more blank slot under its collaboration section.

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